Resolution on Climate Change

1) The Assembly appreciates and gratefully recognizes the work and efforts which have been put in the last seven years by the LWF on climate justice, including youth participation and representation at the Conference of Parties (COP) as well as youth leadership in the #fastfortheclimate campaign.

2) Nevertheless, the Assembly calls upon the global communion to strengthen its efforts even more for climate justice. 

3) The Assembly reaffirms the 2014 public statement calling for the LWF to achieve the goal to be carbon neutral by 2050 a concrete action plan needs to be in place.

4) The Assembly urges that youth participation and representation at the COP meetings continue. 

5) The Assembly supports the continuation of the LWF Climate Network and its strengthening, including encouraging regional climate networks.  

6) The Assembly calls upon the member churches to promote “Blue Communities”1, across the LWF communion, which respect the human right to water, promote water as a public good and say use tap water when it is safe to do so. 

7) The Assembly urges the LWF to strengthen the theological work concerning climate change, including the promotion of currently available resources from the member churches2, as well as capacity-building and education. 

8) The Assembly, in recognition of the LWF COP22 Delegation’s report (which was adopted in the LWF Africa Pre-Assembly), strongly urges the LWF member churches to integrate a climate change curriculum in their religious studies, e.g. Christian education, Sunday school or confirmation class.  

9) The Assembly urges the communion of churches to advocate for environmental care and protection. 

10) The Assembly calls upon the member churches to integrate these goals and engage governments and national or local organizations for implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). “Creation not for sale” points out the communion’s responsibility to care and to maintain God’s creation. Referring to the COP21 resolution – the Paris Agreement -- the Assembly reminds the member churches about their responsibility and needed efforts to advocate for climate justice, especially in terms of engaging governments for low carbon development and urging them to keep global warming below 1.5°C. 

11) The Assembly affirms the fact that the global ecological crisis, including climate change is, human-induced. It is a spiritual matter.  As people of faith, we are called to live in right relationship with creation and not exhaust it.