Celebrating the LWF family


We’re showcasing the work of the LWF with a huge marketplace.

The Omatala (market in Oshiwambo) is a physical space where Assembly participants will gather together to honour our achievements, celebrate our faith and get excited about the future. As a core part of the Assembly program, the Omatala will be transformative and creative, a place for sharing stories and knowledge. Every activity, event or exhibition will be a new experience.

Bring the Omatala to life

You're invited to claim a space and tell your story, organize a workshop, advocate on an issue, express your creativity, bring people together. The Omatala will:

  • Provide the space for people to come together, talk and learn
  • Share good practices through workshops, exhibitions and activities
  • Share stories from across the world
  • Allow artistic and creative expression of ideas and feelings

The Omatala will play a particular role in making sure the Assembly is transformative, joyful, forward-looking and outward-looking. Join in!

Download Omatala framework guidelines and participation form