Youth Pre-Assembly

The youth pre-Assembly invites youth delegates and stewards to come together and become informed and inspired representatives of their generation at the Assembly. Some 75 youth delegates and 25 stewards will meet in the north Namibia town of Ondangwa from 3 May - 9 May 2017.

The program is designed to allow delegates and stewards to learn from each other’s church and society, prepare content and skills to enable them to take part fully at the Assembly, and get to know the Namibian host church and youth work. Attendees will learn about the Global Young Reformers Network (regional themes, Workshop Wittenberg, Living Reformation projects), LWF youth work, youth activities over the previous seven years, carry out preparation for the Assembly themes, agree on major directions, develop LWF youth messages, devise youth presentations to the Assembly, and visit congregations and youth work in north Namibia.


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