Asia Pre-Assembly delegates 2016

Asia pre-Assembly

The Asia pre-Assembly is an opportunity for LWF member churches to prepare for the upcoming LWF Assembly.

Looking towards 500 years of the Reformation, attendees will reflect on their Lutheran identity, review the pilgrimage from the last Assembly, look at the ways in which the churches have witnessed the gospel in different contexts, and envision how to continue fulfilling God’s mission in society.

Participants will propose a set of leaders to represent the region on the new LWF Council and prepare those delegates to address critical issues, as well as ensure constructive and pastoral dialogue on those matters.

Participants will familiarize themselves with the theme of the Assembly, respond to issues and concerns from the perspective of member churches, identify areas relevant to their work and the environment within which they work, and contribute to the Self-Understanding of the Lutheran Communion process.

The meeting includes a discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals, a women’s meeting and a meeting of youth.

15 - 19 August 2016

Camillian Pastoral Care Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Rev. Dr Philip Lok Oi Peng
Area Secretary for Asia
[email protected]
0041 22 791 6252

Asia pre-Assembly message

Pre-Assembly participants were introduced to Thai culture in song and dance.
Pre-Assembly participants were introduced to Thai culture in song and dance.

Photos from the Pre-Assembly are available in a flickr photo album. The photos are available for use online and offline provided they are credited.