Resolution on Education Not for Sale

1) The Assembly affirms that education is an active and essential agent for youth empowerment on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Assembly affirms that education is critical in the fight against other justice issues, such as world hunger. Yet, in the highly modernized world of the 21st century, education and hence youth empowerment remain just a mere dream to many. Education is still inaccessible and unaffordable to many people around the world. 

2) The Assembly calls on the LWF and its member churches to develop and implement a program to resolve this education dilemma, especially in countries where there are gross inaccessibilities and financial constraints.

3) Further, the Assembly calls on the member churches to advocate for free and compulsory education in their individual contexts.

4) The Assembly encourages the member churches to work with their governments to have good and safe education for all children, including contextualization of school curriculum for better leadership and a better future.