Pre-Assembly Visits

Twelfth Assembly delegates and participants will be given a chance to learn and experience some of the most pressing challenges facing Namibia through visits to be organized before the Assembly. The pre-Assembly visits will take place from 4 May (arrivals) to 9 May 2017 and will be organized by the Assembly Offices in Windhoek and Geneva with the support of the host churches. During this period, youth and women delegates will be at their respective pre-Assemblies. Opportunities to learn about Namibia and meet members of local congregations will be built into their respective programs.

About the Pre-Assembly Visits

  • The visits will be open to all Assembly delegates and participants, except youth and women delegates participating at the youth and women’s pre-Assemblies
  • The visits will be entirely self-supporting. Each participant will be charged a fee to cover all expenses
  • Program limited to 40 participants because of limited capacity and the vast area to be covered
  • In order to share the experience with the whole Assembly community, participants in the pre-Assembly visits will be asked to organize a story-telling session at the Omatala