Resolution on Religious Persecution in Asia

1) The Assembly expresses its appreciation to LWF President Bishop Munib Younan for pointing out religious tensions and persecution in various parts of the world, particularly where Christians are in a minority position (Exhibit 5.1). We recognize particular incidents, both occasional and continued, of discrimination against certain faith communities that occur in many parts of the world.

2) There are increased incidents of atrocities against the Christian communities in particular parts of Asia. For example, church buildings destroyed in Indonesia; religious expression curtailed or suppressed in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan, evangelical promulgation and conversions prohibited in many South Asian Countries; religious fundamentalism causing increased intolerance at national and local levels in India and Indonesia; and conversion away from Christianity by deception in Malaysia. 

3) The Assembly urges:

4) - The LWF Communion Office to study these issues and publish findings on instances of religious intolerance and persecution, especially expressed toward the Christian community and how churches are affected.

5) - The LWF Communion Office to provide advocacy and public voice in solidarity with member churches as appropriate.